The lush green leaves danced
top on their heels;
The breeze hymned their tune, 
Giving the hazle free coolness 
to the new born chicks! 

Twirling fans on its head-
the drone broke its neck;
Hitting the tree limbs standing upright 
that held the leaves giggling inside! 

Wasn’t the drone 
The Prey? 
Poor tree lost its limbs
Having none, hearing its say! 

The trees are the culprits, 
Sloganed the kingdom of drones;
“We click them, beautify their shadows” 
Hailed themselves in praise the egoistic kidos! 

The story surpassed 
All the little knowledge I have gained! 

I read, viewed and got preached :
The culture I have been raised with;
Has no logic 
Values and Respect
for the individuals we live with! 

Culture taught a husband 
To bleed his wife, 
Tie her tongue
in the name of knot in her neck! 

Oh! It’s the culture, 
Binding a women in saree
Pushing her rooted to the kitchen
So that she lasts her breath in the same flame! 


The teachings of 
Having our arms wide open, 
To every guest stepping this soil;
“Atithi devo bhava” – that’s our culture! 

The carvings on every rock, 
Every temple, 
Every monument, 
Giving away- yet undiscovered science;
That’s our culture! 

Having her son on the back, 
Fighting against every evil, 
Our queen’s preaching the power of women;
That’s our culture! 

Worshipping our coexisters:
The trees, birds and animals, 
Realisation of we being non dominant ;
That’s our culture! 

USA to Russia, 
Norway to Australia, 
The evil exists. 
The actions taking the boat of culture
are wrong! 
The boat sailing on the wide ocean
Is used, which for the boat its unknown! 


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