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Hello, I am Akshata Jewargi. Poems are the reflection of my thoughts, they help me in connecting my thoughts with the external space. I feel positive attitude is the biggest asset any person can hold, so i always try to bring out some positiveness through my write ups. Anything that touches my soul makes a word either in my nerves else shaking my pen. Do connect with my journey…


  1. Good day Akshata!
    I’m Edidiong by name. Came across your blog & I must say a great work you are doing.

    I do poems & short stories for my blog (www.talesfromtheotherland.wordless.com )
    However I collaborate a lot with other blogger s by sharing their works on the site too.

    Will love to hear from you, as I will b delighted in an opportunity to work with you- in view of meeting a wider audience with our works .

    Kindly visit my site to see more of what the blog offers.
    Feel free to contact me if this is okay by you. Looking forward to receiving your reply.


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    1. Hello, good time you too..
      I went through your writeups and loved the topics you chose to write!!! They are the topics we need to speak about!!!
      I guess working with you will be awesome!! Looking forward for it too:)

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      1. Thanks Akshata! So how do we go about our collaboration?

        My blog has the goal of share poems, short fictions and other literary piece from diverse authors, all with a view to celebrating creativity, building the capacity of up coming writers & creating a convergence of literary flavour.

        I came across the works on your blog and I was thrilled by the contents. (The blog’s content is impactful). well done!

        I will appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in the area of sharing your works on my blog to my audience & vice verse. (that is if this is okay by you)

        My motivation for this request is steamed from the unique nature of my blog – which focuses more on bringing together …a sort of (‘orchestra’, where we have a convergence of the works of upcoming, and already established writers + poets. All in view of enhancing reading culture, sharing ideas, building the capacity of up coming writers, enhancing a wider audience reach for all & also, for the purposes of entertainment. )

        My blog is characterised by its diversity in the cultural backgrounds of authors, themes and style. (pls kindly visit the blog http://www.talesfromtheotherland.wordpress.com to grasp the essence.

        So dear friend, knowing you are doing excellently well in your contents and blogging activities as a whole I will love to partner with you on the above stated areas, & also learn from your wealth of experience.

        looking forward to your response. Thanks!
        GOD BLESS YOU!

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      2. Hello Edidiong!
        That was great to hear from you:)

        At first, I applaud your idea of walking with all together as a pool of writers and not as an individual…Great Thought!

        Yes, sharing the content would absolutely make sense, because it would involve lots of audience and also will give a sense of warm welcome to new comers telling: “Yes! We are walking together! And we are here to make you feel comfortable, let’s share! Let’s learn! Let’s walk!”

        Well buddy, collaborating with you with such a great thought would be my pleasure…
        When I looked at your blog I would find some similarities between us: as in having the content that would reach people to their practical life, also to raise the issues where we need to focus on! Not to forget all are heartfelt words.
        So why not take a topic which would be mixture of all these and put forth our points and Collab!
        Else any creative idea, please put forth!


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      3. Akshata, Thanks for your reply….pondered over what we could start with & then this idea kept recurring….
        is it okay if we both collabo, by writing a short prose. that focuses on ” the difficulty & fears of young adults-( from different cultural backgrounds) to fall in love + intermarry .
        lets make it a 1st person narrative – (where both of us (using unreal names) will b the major characters…narrating our challenges, + the obstacles posed by our families & society….
        (something like a Nigerian guy who comes to India for his masters program, then happens to take up residence in your neighbour…a flat next door….& then your eldest sister’s wedding in celebrated in your family house…& this new guest to the neighbourhood is invited because he lives in the apartment next flat beside your family house……you guys meet….the love @ first sight “thing” happens …..& the story begins….
        As you document events on your diary.
        While this Nigerian guy will b doing same.)
        I don’t know if this flows well with you, but if you have a better option pls tell, so we amend and begin.

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      4. Hello Akshata! Happy new week! Hope this message meets you well!
        Did you receive my message last week?
        Kindly send a message me via: esshietedidiong@gmail.com
        to enhance easy communication…
        With regards to the message I sent last week, do you think my perspective on the prose was okay? Or, whats your own take…..(fresh idea)

        looking forward to receiving your reply!

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