What’s New about the NEW YEAR!

One huge disguise about urbanisation, which I am sure you all would relate to is “traffic”. Living in a metro city I am no different to this thought! But sometimes we do get blessings in disguise and for someone who finds content, finding a content is a great blessing!

Oh! Ya… Where were we?
Traffic right?
Yes, while I was stuck in traffic I found one young pretty lady asking her friend :” What is new about this NEW YEAR? It’s just a change of date and that’s it! Nobody is going to gift me bag full of diamonds”

Well, if diamonds would be gifted every new year, then I wish we had new year every hour!:)
Let’s get back to the question, what’s new?
Playing with the same puzzle or 1-31, the dates still seem new!
Having the same festivals celebrated with new friends is an added joy!
Going a step higher in career or course is a victory!
The failures that hurt zoomed up your wisdom for the next days coming!
A heartbeat echoing “let’s propose her this year!”
Butterflies in the stomach for falling into the marriage Rollercoaster upcoming year!
How to forget? New clothes, New shopping for the New adventures!
Above all, it’s a new wish to have the best of the days to come, leaving behind the grudges and all the hurt the last 365 days took us to!
So the hopping and popping months with the zig zag days have a NEW YOU in them, with opened doors for a New chapter in your awesome journey!
And hey ya! You will have a new round around the sun!

Happy New year to the NEW YOU!

A Walk…

Holding my l’il finger he pulled me along;
Watching the moon he hymned a song!
Babbling in the unheard language;
He is a happiness filled package!

The dark doesn’t seem boring,
Fair doesn’t make him fascinating!
A l’il ball over a pouch of diamonds;
And a huge smile for a l’il chocolate!

Diamonds weren’t picked :
Not because of the price!
Chocolates brought a huge smile:
Not because he felt its a bribe!

Holding my l’il finger he pulled me along;
Dragging me for a new walk:
Which we all left past behind;
Running around for unseen shine☺️

I dint realise he made me write this poem! It’s a short one, but going to preserve it intending to show him, that he taught me this while he was young and to let him know the worth of this teaching! #Cheeku❤️

I want to fly…

Moving away from the hazels,
Draining apart from the noices ;
The guffaw, the whispers, the anger and everything that bother…
Bye! Bye! Because I want to fly!!

The strands up roaring of how we look!
Oh babe! You look fab : but then keep it light!
He is tall ; has face like a mask!
Bye! Bye! Because I want to fly!!

Hey Google! Tips to control anger?
Hey Google! How to find a partner?
Bye-bye Google! Because I want to fly!!

Let not my emotions find answer in the keyboard;
Let not my self be lost watching other’s dashboard!
Let my soul find its own wings…
Flying higher and higher reaching its own dreams!!


The liquid crystals that oozed out,
Left the eyes moist;
It had no path to traverse:
But carried a story of its own!

Unexpressed words,
Jottled with the emotions diving from heart,
Numbness stilled Brain,
Pulling the thread connecting tongue, apart!

Not a journey of Weakness!
Not a journey of Failure!
Not a journey of Lost Hope!
Neither did it carry a journey of broken soul!

Gulped your pain:
It passed down whispering, the lips to smile!
Filled with salt,
The crystals bid bye, gifting sweetness of joy!

While you meet them next time,
Remember they are carrying your sorrow!
Let them go with smile,
As they are leaving you with mind with no pricks of arrow!

Thank You…

It’s our second home!
It’s the temple of knowledge!

From broken meaningless words,
To applaud seeking speeches!
From being unknown about human species;
To knowing the value of humanity!

They taught us!
School taught us!
The nation building teachers taught us!

Why forget the teachings of those hands:
Which hit the bell right on time after school hours?
Why forget those faces:
Who wiped our food filled faces at nursery?
Why forget those smiles:
Who made us smile while we cried?
Why forget those teachers,
Who may have not taught us subjects,
But a greater and wider lessons of life?

If he had not been at the gate,
We wouldn’t be secured in our classes!
If she had not given us extra idly in mess,
We wouldn’t have smiled on a bad day!
If the non-teaching staffs wouldn’t be at their work,
The School would never be a complete temple!

Crying soul


A Blessing

I am not a crowned head with diamonds and pearls,
Nor am I a wounded body with scars and pain!
Neither do I have the power, turning dark to light;
Also, I never opt to choose who is right!

I am your LIFE!
I am your Blessing!

I am equal to all, partial to none!
I come with chapters of Birth and Death;
The stories in-between barren for all.

I am your LIFE!
I am your Blessing!

My purpose is your journey,
Your task is to make it a story:
A story to be cherished and loved,
Crowning the wisdom of human glory!

I have the tales of fame,
I have narrations of who lost the game!

I am your LIFE!
I am your Blessing!

Thrown inside a musty shell,
He grew up building himself a palace of Gold!
Drowning under the pride of richness,
Found him dead at the seashore!

I am your LIFE!
I am your Blessing!

I always come with an expiry date,
Shooting hurdles at you: I never get late!
I will teach you making stones into steps;
But if you abandon me: I will leave you with regrets!

I am your LIFE!
I am your Blessing!

You left – leaving me abondened!

Oh! I saw you In!
‘ Pick me up! Pick me up!’ : I screamed!
It’s been ages, I have been caged;
In the dark room filled with Dust!

Happiness in My Words,
Made you Smile!
While I uttered Sorrow,
I saw you Weep!

An ally of yours was I,
Joining you for coffee in daylight,
Waking up with you at Night!

But now while I weep:
You left- leaving me abondened!
Under the flashlight of apps and games:
You left- leaving me abondened!

Oh! I saw you In!
My voice now fell numb!
No howl! No cries! No wish to pick me up!
As the Phone lying on the table is what you look at!

Yours truly,
Book you abondened

Untold Story

Running rivers are now dry!
The chirps from birds are rarely heard!
Greenery is overtaken by barren lands;
I find people dying because of hot Sand!

Oh! Dear friend,
Don’t be so brutal,
My Globe is just little;
Finding hard to bear the heat that is sprinkled!

Mother Earth made her request:
While fierceful Sun was calm!

The air you breath is rotten,
The land on which you sleep is stolen!
Leaving you abandoned in the name of Technology;
You still pray for their lives? : The sun replied!

The rain and storms roared expressing her tears,
“They still are my Children!”: She told!

Another Angel

Me: Amma(mom), I want to buy new dress!
Her: I will tell pappa to give money, buy good and different varieties of clothes!
Me: Amma I unnoticed milk spilling out while boiling!
Her: That’s ok, mistakes happen by everyone!
Me: I got hurt while riding bike!
Her: You need to be careful while riding bike, where have you got hurt? ( With intense care)

No! She isn’t the Angel who gave me birth,
She isn’t the one who introduced me to this Earth!
She is also not the one who taught me values ;
She ain’t the one who nurtured me like a princess!

She puts me on her laps, patting my back when I fall sick;
She hugs and grins wide when I am back home;
She corrects me when I go wrong!
Yes, she is my another mother: a gift I have after wedding her son!

Examples worldwide scream the lines:
‘Mother in law can never be a mother!’
Look around dear people,
We still have humanity existing in few other!

All my concerns and prayers to the victims:
Having their life at stake,
Jobs left and smiles stolen;
For the in -laws making their days rotten!

Not every river is clean and pure,
Not all the people are emotionally poor!
While we have a furious ocean swallowing people,
We also have the same ocean giving bread and butter to people!

There are screams and shouts for people brutal;
Why not some applauds to those who are fruitful!

These were my lines to thank my mother-in-law…what are yours?