You left – leaving me abondened!

Oh! I saw you In!
‘ Pick me up! Pick me up!’ : I screamed!
It’s been ages, I have been caged;
In the dark room filled with Dust!

Happiness in My Words,
Made you Smile!
While I uttered Sorrow,
I saw you Weep!

An ally of yours was I,
Joining you for coffee in daylight,
Waking up with you at Night!

But now while I weep:
You left- leaving me abondened!
Under the flashlight of apps and games:
You left- leaving me abondened!

Oh! I saw you In!
My voice now fell numb!
No howl! No cries! No wish to pick me up!
As the Phone lying on the table is what you look at!

Yours truly,
Book you abondened


Untold Story

Running rivers are now dry!
The chirps from birds are rarely heard!
Greenery is overtaken by barren lands;
I find people dying because of hot Sand!

Oh! Dear friend,
Don’t be so brutal,
My Globe is just little;
Finding hard to bear the heat that is sprinkled!

Mother Earth made her request:
While fierceful Sun was calm!

The air you breath is rotten,
The land on which you sleep is stolen!
Leaving you abandoned in the name of Technology;
You still pray for their lives? : The sun replied!

The rain and storms roared expressing her tears,
“They still are my Children!”: She told!

Another Angel

Me: Amma(mom), I want to buy new dress!
Her: I will tell pappa to give money, buy good and different varieties of clothes!
Me: Amma I unnoticed milk spilling out while boiling!
Her: That’s ok, mistakes happen by everyone!
Me: I got hurt while riding bike!
Her: You need to be careful while riding bike, where have you got hurt? ( With intense care)

No! She isn’t the Angel who gave me birth,
She isn’t the one who introduced me to this Earth!
She is also not the one who taught me values ;
She ain’t the one who nurtured me like a princess!

She puts me on her laps, patting my back when I fall sick;
She hugs and grins wide when I am back home;
She corrects me when I go wrong!
Yes, she is my another mother: a gift I have after wedding her son!

Examples worldwide scream the lines:
‘Mother in law can never be a mother!’
Look around dear people,
We still have humanity existing in few other!

All my concerns and prayers to the victims:
Having their life at stake,
Jobs left and smiles stolen;
For the in -laws making their days rotten!

Not every river is clean and pure,
Not all the people are emotionally poor!
While we have a furious ocean swallowing people,
We also have the same ocean giving bread and butter to people!

There are screams and shouts for people brutal;
Why not some applauds to those who are fruitful!

These were my lines to thank my mother-in-law…what are yours?

Disability is a state of Mind

Books neatly arranged on the shelves,
Room lightened with elegant colored bulbs;
The walking sticks quietly stood at place,
Watching the wheelchair waiting for his master to fill the space!

He was an orator, teaching people to Believe!
He was a survivor, teaching people of how to LIVE!

He was an admirer of the beauty around:
Admiring the colors having seen just the dark, with eyes blind!

Braille was a system he chose to write:
To write a story of his own!
Crowning him with International awards,
Did book teach the world to ‘Master everyone’s life on their own!’

The book cover read:

‘Stop before you Help;
Think if they need Help!’

Let the person on wheelchair,
Help himself get to the place he wishes to!

The poor begging for his daily food,
Should learn of how to earn his own!

Blind unable to walk ahead,
Must get his paths marked in mind!

While dwelling in the ocean of mental stress,

You need to know how to keep the game on!

Disability is a state of mind,
Giving sympathy is never a matter of pride!
Being handicapped can never steal your capability,
Having a well set appearance can never increase your proficiency!

Seen a man fall?
Teach him how to get up!
Whilst you remain just for the moment,
Your teachings shall remain eternal!

The wheelchair waiting for his master;
Knows that he is gone!
He is gone with a smile of Pride,
A true Pride to ‘Master his Life on his OWN!’


IF or WHAT IF . . .(Vol.1)

EQUALITY knows NO Discrimination

SHE was abandoned soon after her breath met air around,
SHE was forced to leave school,
SHE had to drain her dream of marrying her loved one,
SHE was insensitively harassed by her husband,
SHE found no peace with her in-laws,
Poor SHE, because she was born a girl!

The limelight!
The Sympathy!
The attention!
I respect it being a girl 🙂

Why is it not the same for him?

HE who is also an orphan as her!
HE who left school to carry the responsibility on his little shoulders,
HE who goes through physical and mental harassment daily!
HE whose dreams blew away for the family!
HE who is a single parent; struggling yet smiling!
HE who has a partner snatching his peace of mind!
HE who gets to pay the bill even if his pocket is empty!
HE who still stands by HER after all this!

Dreams, problems and sacrifices knows no discrimination,
While a mother raised her kid with all the love,
The dad was waving from far, building his kid’s future!
We have candles raised for girl being raped,
Is it not pathetic to show no concern when a guy is found in trouble?

While we tend to hoist the flag of equality,
Why are not men carried forward along with women?
While emotions bury an individual with same pain,
Lets raise our voice for everyone who needs the umbrella in floods of rain!


Uncelebrated Fest!

On a weekend, while my eyes repelled to unfold;
My phone kept ringing making my nerves vibrate!
Lidded eyelids brushed my eyebal,
When my lazy fingers tapped the screen to receive the call!

A heavy voice sung a wish : Happy Vijayadashami’:)
That was my aunt wishing me for the regional festival!
My aunt whom i met a year ago-
Who had come to my home to give regards for the same festival!

Unlocking my handset, the notifications popped in;
Wishes with blessings to taste the colors of victory and success!
The festival coined with same story-
Of truth gaining victory over evil!

Mom’s magical dishes echoed on my taste buds,
The walls hymned the music we played!
Far cousin of mine staying across Ocean,
Arrived with handful of gifts and contagious laughter.

A day later, all the chaos disappeared.
The laughter set off rising slence back again!
Turning the pages of my novel; a noise hit my ear,
Making my eyes roll towards the ray piercing from window!

Kids on street with torn clothes and muddy hands,
Had their face strived of hunger;
A piece of half spoiled bread in hand,
They spread joy playing together!

Every festival celebrates a story of its own!
We acquaint to rejoice it!
Roll around, you shall find many with festive stories unknown;
Finding a meal in a day makes story of their own!

I now get back to work,
With one of my question left behind:
When every moment can form a story,
Why do we have to rejoice only the novel of history?

An ignored THREAT!

When I think of Sunrise: My phone’s wallpaper pops up;
While I ought to play games: Play store rings the bell!
Every Mom has lost their job of being morning alarm,
And being in touch with friends is just a tap typing ‘HI’

It’s a huge world that we live in:
Having 7 continents,
Sketching borders for 195 countries,
Diverse cultures and languages;
Yet connected with Technology!

The horrifying tides gulping one corner of the world,
Made several eyes weep across the globe!
When mother earth grudged against our immaturity,
Few hands holding different flags raised up for her justice!

We had all this known,
Far from the place where misfortune conquered some folks,
Needful help reached its destination,
Adjoined with blessings from every corner!

Heartfelt gratitude to the term NEWS!


Oh Wait!

The coin has now flipped,
Turning the blessing to curse!
The media which once spread the lines of awareness,
Now has the knitted letters of greediness and assumptions!

The mistrust created against political parties,
The unethical treat towards the celebrities,
The forgotten pride for the Heroes at the borders,
Or the immaturity of highlighting insensible issue!

The disruption has just started,
The war that once ended with surrender of Axis powers,
Will now rise up with new sequence,
Where the weapons shall not only shed blood, also humanity!

news 5

A Cat crossed my way!

Night turned into day,
My sleepy soul got up for another weekday!
Drowsy face and dizzy brain;
Walking through my techpark lane!

On my way a Cat did cross my way,
Left to right or may be other way!
Wait! How does it matter?
It was just on its way.

Seconds later did i recall,
The heard somewhere unread dots;
Step aback when Cat crosses your way,
Because it may cut your glory all the day!

What if the Cat community thought the same way?
What if in their communal meetings declare-
Humans crossing their way,
Shall ruin all their day!

What if the snakes think-
We have poison in body and humans in soul!
What if the tiger roars-
I kill others for tummy;but you for money!

In all these if conditions,
What if there is another loop-
Where, if the animals also could speak,
Then there shall be no else for our insane imaginations and declarations.


But ya!
Cat had a good day,
And so did I!
Now its time for u to think, so i will bid Bye!

Roots make tree stand still!

It was a winter evening,
Home decorated with tiny bulbs,
Balloons of blue and white all over the place,
Waiters serving the drinks refreshing every tongue;
Songs played in series rejoicing the voices of old nineties!

Young kids hopped on the music,
Old bones made slight moves with every lyric!
Cake decorated with berries and fruits appeared,
With chocolaty words on it telling: Happy anniversary grandpa and grandma!

While every eye awaited the cute couple to arrive,
A video taking the family to nostalgia was played!

The black and white pictures had colourful stories to tell:
Story of tiny tot saved from her mom’s anger,
Story when toffees came out as magic from grandpa’s pocket,
Tales of angels narrated under the stars,
And lots of sweet dishes made just for those little kids!

The hall had eyes moist,
Tears awaited to fall down carrying happiness and memories!

The kids who then loved toffees are now grown up,
Crowned with lots of success and rejoice they are still left incomplete!
For their glory was left unseen:
By those old roots who left them to join the stars!


The cake was sliced by every hand present that day,
For they all grew up holding those old fingers,
The tree is now grown up giving new branches,
May be among the stars, the roots are still strong to hold them up!