Less Is More!

I was scared at first,
To find myself at last!
Depression knocked my door;
Only to hide the freshness of leaves
Under the dark shadow!

I pushed myself to be on track,
Only to find others
Winning the act!

I crawled, 
Looking at the second last 
Walking with broken toe! 

I hopped, 
Inspiring my next:
‘It’s OK to be SLOW’ 

I looked back:
I had won! 
Not the race;
But the insecurity
Which was under a race!

Can we ever improve if we had no competition? Most of us would answer ‘No’!
Absolutely! If we don’t have anyone who is better than us, then that fire to be the best settles down!
It’s fine at times to have less ability and capability, only to push ourselves to achieve most with it! Because remember, LESS IS MORE! 

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