What’s in a name?

Hey, here is a little thought I wanted to share…
Recently most of us might have posted pictures and messages related to Yoga on 21 June.
But let’s give a thought, yogasana is not just a pose, it’s the whole process of integrating your body and mind. It’s a journey towards self. At least, that’s how I know about it. But with Globalisation we are in a process to hybridise it.

Utkatasana has become Chair Pose, Bhujangasana has become a cobra pose and so on… What’s in a name? You ask me…
Would you mind I call you with random name that’s suits to my flexibility? I ask you…
Simple as that!
Yoga is something that our ancestors have left for us as a treasure. Every name has a meaning to it. It glorifies their thought and our history of course. I hope we mould ourselves only for our needs and not for others. We have done it in the past and regret it until now, one such example being welcoming the Britishers to rule us. Give a thought…

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