Celebrate what you have!

Is it not wierd?
We are always at unrest,
Struggling to find peace,
In a path loosing all the ease?

The broken mirror on the floor,
Sparkling the little scattered pieces of mine:
Boom! Those pieces pricked my mind!

My tiny eyes on a piece fallen on the floor,
Skin with acne seems no ugly anymore!
Those disorganised bits made me think more!

I chuckled and cried for the dull skin,
Always cursed my double chin;
Similar to how I blame my life and everything that’s within!

How foolish am I,
Found no sheer realization,
To smile at the dispersed pieces forming life’s experiences!

The pictures on instagram,
Smiles and travels :
Are all partial pieces, complete frame is never known!

I see my reflection,
Some broken pieces don’t hold any of my reaction!
It held only the thick skin I retained at every broken emotion!

Let’s celebrate all the broken pieces,
For they are our writings,
Scattered yet reflective
Of all the experiences of life : jumping and crawling!

Trust me people, it’s not it all that u see. The only person whom we can know completely is not our parents, not our children, not our partners neither our friends, but ITS OURSELVES! What I have, there are chances many people have more than that and they are happy with it. There are also chances that many people have less than it, still happy with it. I am in the learning process, so would wish the same for U : LET’S ALL CELEBRATE WHAT WE HAVE RATHER THAN MOURN AT WHAT WE DON’T!

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