I wish to be….

I wish I had those wings, 
To make me fly in the open sky, 
Rest freely on the branches:
You know, away from these human beings!
Bird with pallete of colours, 
Caged in the shield: is this winged prisoner!

Being a women I am caged too:
Makes no different to the bird, told my brain!

Oh! I wish I was a Man,
Having rules of my own!
But, saw my dad:
Tearing his eyeballs open at work, day and night;
To settle my education loan!
While I had a sound sleep on the laps of women of the home!

I realised, being a man is not easy;
They have untold and unshared responsibilities of their own!

Is it about money?
I wish to be the daughter of the man of wealth!
He who runs business around the globe, 
Bombards solutions to every shocking stroke! 
He who would send me toffees and soft toys, 
But never spend time sitting by my side!

What would the world of wealth mean!? 
When the person you love is never seen! 

What would I now wish to be? 
A Sun, which burns itself to enlighten the galaxy? 
A Tree, whose branches are cut down to make human’s nest? 
An animal living in the wild, finding no place of shelter in the thunder? 
An artist featured on the cover page, with all privacy burnt within the same page? 
An invisible, having to bear watching all the cruelty that’s visible? 

Every life has a pain of its own, 
The slightest happiness
Or the wildest sorrow
Is to be handled by my own bone! 
Now I wish to be :
The best version of the beautiful ME!! 

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