Cocktails and Mocktails

It’s just an another day,
Why are people at so much fun?
The earth just completed a round around the sun!

Neither has my tummy gotten in,
Nor I see my toned chin!
Any news on Elon musk I sneaked:
For he could have done some shares on my name: I peaked!

Yup, there are just few mails,
As contrary to any other day:
For everyone gotten busy greeting one another,
Sleeping cozily under my blanket: is what I would choose rather!

Oh no! I see the piled up clothes,
Popping out the cupboard,
Not finding them nice and tidy by next morning,
My mom’s heavy red eyes: shall leave me fluttered!

Lets rise before the sun,
And put the bits of clothes back to pieces:
Whispering to myself,
I lazily crowned my couch!

So, what’s new about the morning?
Clothes wouldn’t dance their feet
To the wardrobe making it look neat?

It’s just a hope:
That my lethargy would fall from rope,
As every next morning,
I hope my sleep doesn’t make my joke!

If a new day can get me hope,
Why not a whole new year?

To crack that unsolved puzzle,
To find greenery on barren, failed path;
To express love without cheeks getting the taste of slaps!
To return back to broken friendship,
To step into new relationship!
To let go- that pulled us down,
To welcome all the best things in town!

The last round around the sun,
Was surely a roller coaster ride,
Virus over powering the globe,
We lost pearls of life,
Also learnt to walk on the double edge sworded knife!
The new one shall be amazing
With hops and pops in the exciting run!

Cheers to the new year with fresh cocktails and mocktails!
Happy new year everyone!

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