Story Land!

Few stories blow our mind,
Also they are hard to find!
Recall the one which touched your heart,
Carrying you along in its every part!

Heard of Disney land and Fairy land!
The Snow world,
Even tales picturising end of the World!
Ever have you wondered of Story land?

A land with innovations,
Communications without any Mobile Application!
Medicals are rarely knocked,
Most of the treatments found inside the cookery block.

No homes are found with gates around,
Aware are they :
Every life belongs to the same ground!

Oh Dear!
Hear the Banyan trees say,
The gushes and hushes of every street;
Listening to which, is a true retreat!

The wreck done by stones stopped my car,
But the bullock cart could pass too far!
The kids climbing the tree,
Have happiness which is smartphone free!

Ask the animals you find,
Be it cow, buffalo, dog or an oxen;
None of them you see:
Are caught as a caged pigeon!

Every grain has a story,
Carrying the smiles and hopes amidst misery:
Of every Village,
Waiting for its true glory!

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