Together yet not Forever

With my eyes closed,
I sensed the waves ripple away,
Far towards the horizon,
Swallowed by the setting sun!

Surrounded by none,
It was just the breeze and my messy hair
Playing the game of hide and seek;
With my organs of sight!

I saw the shore turning quiet,
From all the tussles
And bundles of crowd
Walking and running all day across its border line!

How strange is it?
To stay together
For the Sand and the Sea,
Yet they aren’t meant for Forever!

While I cursed my time wasn’t right,
Nothing in life seemed bright;
The waves splashed it’s tale: Of the power to gulp the city
Yet couldn’t hold itself tight!

Have you ever felt?
The hardwork you put in,
The fun and leisure that you burnt within,
Faded away with no fruits leaving you distressed?

The moist shore captured my feet
The waves erased them with ease!
This is the answer of time,
Smiled the Sand and the Sea,
Who stay together but aren’t meant for Forever!

We all will have instances in life where nothing seems according to the plans. We feel bothered and depressed! Had that been all, why would every day seem a new day? Isn’t it? Just like the Sand and the Sea, OUR PLANS & LIFE’S UNCERTAINTIES are always together but they are not Forever! Be consistent with what you do, the uncertainty will turn into a blessing, which would be far more merrier than you wished for!
Just like the marks on the sand were erased by the Sea waves , so would all the sorrows shall be!
Great time ahead! 🙂


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