I am a Human

I held myself strong,
Amidst the storm and wild!
Yet the waves of words:
Smashed my mind,
Leaving me dumb and blind!

Oh Mirror!
Haven’t you reflected my talks?
Of words to battle every failure:
With smile and Grace;
Yet I see myself in the well of shame!

Liked and shared
The posts of animal love;
I wonder how my heart fell :
Glimpsing at the bag made of leather,
Made my care for creatures all time low!

Oh dear Time!
Apologies for all the blame you take on,
For every event that’s gone wrong,
You are shot with curses,
Sliding our mistakes as your Cup Cakes!

I am not a hypocrite,
Nor am I always right!
I am a Human,
Unacceptably Imperfect,
Unfortunately Selfish,
Outrageously Ambitious,
Tiniest part of the complex Universe!

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