Superstitions or undiscovered intension?

I raged against my mom,
Seeing her object me filing my nails;
It’s past six in the evening was her stance-
‘I don’t care’, was my lame response!

Had she stopped after it,
This poem would never get accomplished!
Her constant objections made me think,
Superstitions have any logical link?

It’s past six told my mom,
Have the nails learnt time reading asked my mind?
Wasn’t it from the time with no electricity,
Where it got darker past dawn, hurting my nails if I cut it down?

Running late for an exam,
But not having curd before leaving is a blunder!
The curd might have not got the answer,
Won’t it cool me down to focus better?

Meditation certainly might not shower powers,
Peace and calmness is what it triggers!
Peepal tree found no devil at night,
Too much CO2 is also not good right?

I bow not to black magic,
But not everything is without any logic!
It was then the need,
The rituals later was mispropagated for someone’s greed!

My intension with this poem is, let’s not stereotype every ritual as superstitious! They were the need of that time due to the society that existed! The accessibility of information then, was not same as it is now! So for their convenience and wellbeing such customs were in practice, which were absolutely logical to that era. They are just not relevant now because of the advancements we have!
Next time you just fly away someone telling they are superstitious, take some time and tell them what could be reason it was in practice back then. Few which are truly unscientific, the ones with result of evil intesions are to be objected! Not all! Pledge to analyse before you object and reject!

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