You are Fragile!

Dear me,
Success that made you jump high,
Frustration with which you hit the wall hard;
Failures that slapped your cheek red,
Loneliness that never let you fall asleep!

It’s fragile, to be broken soon!

It’s the glory of time,
That decides your mile!
Some stole the world’s heart at forty,
And walked their feet to heaven;
Leaving the stolen hearts into emotional poverty!

Also are a few who,
Stood a step away from the bed of death;
For years together –
To give world new innovations
And tonnes of life lessons!!

The wrath you have for the defeat,
Hold on! Believe me-
Happiness is what you are about to meet!
Remember –
‘NOW’ is fragile, to be broken soon!

Cherish the game of chess,
You loose the Queen
To have the King rejoice success!
The moments of sorrow,
Are upcoming beautiful moments that you borrow!

Dear me,
You are fragile!
Your body changes every day,
Transforming your mind with every sunrise!
Bend not for the falls, Fly not for the rise: for YOU ARE FRAGILE!


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