Life of a Life Jacket

Disclaimer : The views, opinions and characters in this content are true to one’s own relevance. For widening the perception only!

Moulding the brushes, 
Punching lead on the canvas:
She presented heart melting sketches!

Her friendship is with every art, 
She herself a proud artist!

She found a new mate,
On the shores of India’s last town! 
The sailing boats, 
The waters gulping the Sun:
For what we call as the SUNSET! 

She couldn’t stop 
But think of her new pal! 
For how her friend
Got many lives saved! 

A Life Jacket:
Saving many hearts
From skipping a beat, 
While the waves rush in! 
Few seen with jackets 
Hugging and tucking their tummy in;
While others at ease
To enjoy the breeze! 

As every journey ended, 
She saw the jackets cornered! 
She picked her favourite one up, 
Blue was its colour! 
An artist you see, 
Had a sigh with life saving art! 

The jacket expressed:
I sail with them on the ripples, 
Help them not drown in the waters! 
I pray them be safe, 
It’s my duty,
Never mind if I find no place! 

The pearls dropped her eyes, 
Giving her lips a glimpse of smile ;
To find life jacket 
Teaching her a life lesson! 

A friend in true sense, 
These jackets embrace us 
when in need! 
Rare isn’t it to find one such? 
Questioned herself:
And saw the jackets 
Sailing on new journey finding new friends! 

Again a wonderful content idea given my friend, Harshitha. She had this felt, I tried expressing her feeling! Hope you guys feel it too!


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