Ain’t a Friend nor an Enemy!

Looking at her,
Did I always wonder:
Has the tears forgotten to arrive;
Or the smile has conquered for life! 

She chirped along with the birds,
Flew with the wind, 
Twinkled with the stars,
Even in her darkest nights!

It’s a story I am here to tell,
Not a friend, nor an enemy!

Awakening the dead motivation in me,
She sizzled as the best pal!
Interrogating the humanity in me,
She pushed me in deep well!

She was blind,
Unaware of the difference 
Between Blue and gray!
Never had she experienced
The sleep of the sun, 
Nor his rise and whole day’s run!

‘Don’t you curse yourself?’ 
I asked!
‘I am blessed to be away from bloodshed’
She answered!

‘So you consider us the murderers?’
I was baffled as my voice raised!
‘No, the pity conqueres!’
She smiled!

‘You see the land,
Carve Palace of your own! 
You see the moon,
Landed the satellite
To paint your room!

I hear the land of war, Kabul;
I see the disguised men and women! 
I hear the stories of conversion, 
I see the tortures in the name of religion! 
I see the brown river, 
Pale fallen leaves, 
Life at its last breath! 
This is what I see, 
Away from the bloodshed, 
Blindness set me free! ‘  – she said! 

Ain’t she our friend? 
Or is she our enemy? 

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