Calm Down!

I waited all this while,
For someone to hear my cry!
I waited for too long, 
For them to hang on!
Time passed by, 
With every passing hour
Teaching me to Calm Down!

While I tried
Reaching the hill top;
The hailing wind
Punching the sand in my eyes,
Rushed to threaten me down, 
My heart wispered: Calm Down!

Drowned in the ocean of failures, 
Questioned by unknown sailors;
When I felt pressured
To being depressed;
Pushing myself into darkness:
Loneliness is the only thing
I witnessed! 

Calm Down! 

Tell it to yourself again:
Calm Down! 

It’s fine to drown
Just to swim back faster! 
It’s fine to fall
Just to stand up taller! 
It’s fine to fail
Just to get more smarter! 

It’s fine! 
Calm Down, 
It’s going to be fine! 

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