I Always Had You!

The noise in me,
Was given a music:
Of love and meaning;
By letting me speak free!

Your echoing laughter,
Found a reason:
In my broken knee!

The dark nights, 
Haunted by failures;
Dwindled in fear:
When they found you were just a call away! 

The fights did make a deal, 
Only for one of us to pay the bill! 
The long rides 
Always have a different story to tell! 

All my hidden secrets, 
Are buried inside you! 

Be it hitting a six, 
Bleeding a bit! 
The ground 
Was always incomplete without you! 

I am fortunate,
To have found you! 
Through my thick and thin, 
Hey you! I always had you! 

It’s a day to celebrate friendship! And what could be better way for me than writing my heart out, to thank ‘YOU’ for being a gem in my story of friendship! I have always been fortunate to have the bestest of friends in my life. Thank you all…

I am sure each one reading this would have your own version of friendship, do share your story and pass on this poem to your buddies for life!

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