The Wall

I saw it shining,
Magnonimous and welcoming!
The sparkling beads resting untucked;
Resting over the lying shoulder of one another!

The vultures gazed this wall of beads, 
Bright and colourful,
Shiny and sparky: hard to break, 
Thought the birds!

Tiny vulture hopped in, 
Creating a noise: shaking the beads! 
Boom! Fell the wall! 
Easy was it, thought the vultures! 

Feeding their hunger, 
The wings reached the sky! 

A wall again: uttered the tiny little vulture! 

Contrasting to their previous destruction, 
The plain wall held mud hugging each other, 
Holding their little bricks with utmost care! 
The shine was missing, 
Nor could they find any precious beads! 

The wall had its smile, 
Intact and warmth! 

Hopped again the vultures, 
Only to loose this time! 
The wall stood upright after all the try,
To which the wings sadly bid a bye! 

Ask your mind: which wall am I? 
Strength and warmth from within, 
Or the blush and roses from the outer skin? 

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