I know it all, Seen it all!

I belong to everyone, remain with none!
You sell mine of you, you earn ounces;
Throw me on the lazy couch: I pity you!

I am eternal, yet die very often! 
I witnessed the stars collapse, 
I was overwhelmed by the formation of life! 

I know the history of every mystery, 
The rise of the kingdoms:
The downfall of the great Kings!! 

You never see me rise and set, 
But never can you keep staring at me forever! 
I fly higher wingless, 
I cover the distances, which you can’t measure! 

I see today the lives fall, 
The breath obstructed, 
Fallen trees are pleaded to be reconstructed! 

Dint I tell you? 
I know it all, seen it all! 
But once gone, you will never find me at all! 

Use your TIME wisely! 

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