A tale to share..

Sleepy eyes, yet ears opened;
The thirst of adventures that granny’s stories dealt,
Still do we cherish :
Running back to the lands of our memories,
Picking our favourite King, from all those wonderful stories! 

Another tale for  today,
From a mother to her kid!
Let’s join them amidst the hilly mist and windy bliss;

We gave them our air, our food and our land: said the mother,
Its a tale of sacrifice and backstab!
Its a story in the woods of honesty where even caves got brightened with innocence!

They turned our land into concrete halls,
Building palaces and sky reaching malls!
My wings found no open sky to fly,
My kids, you are barely left with air to breath!

We had our homes too…
A place to fit in we four!
On the tree in a corner, 
Even a leaf left undisturbed!

Why now this dirty place for us!? You ask;
I found no trees to lay my eggs: i say!
The trees are burnt for their wheels to run,
The poison out of which has angered even the sun!

Its a tale of sacrifice my little buds, 
You got your wings to fly, just as theirs:
Fly high to purify mother earth, 
Open your wings to glorify the destroyed land : I urge! 

They found their MARS to stay,
We have got only one beholder! 
While the rockets tear the sky, 
Let’s join binding the wounded land : let us ATLEAST TRY! 

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