the one twirling your eyes:
reading the phrase of my mind!
Close your eyes,
pray the lost souls and depressed minds of the pandemic!

for the empty stomach and swollen wet eyes,
dreaming about rotten food, filling the garbage van:
On their way!

for the burns and wounds, 
scars and the blood:
on her body which he claims to own!

for the loneliness and joblessness,
the bills and the betrayal,
unattended calls(could be one from our phone):
The depressed minds, who went unheard! 

Stop!Don’t pray! 

Eat as much needed, 
Include the needy if at all the plate exceeded! 

Stop! Don’t pray! 

Humanity lies in actions, 
Not under subducted empty emotions! 

Stop! Don’t pray! 

Attend the unattended, 
May be a life could be saved from being shattered! 

Don’t stop!Β 
To help find the missing: their happiness;

Also guys, remember everything starts at home! Not only at the times like this as the pandemic, even our every day has a lot more that could be given. Simplest thing is being for our parents. Could be rich, could be poor, parents can be called just as ‘mother’ and ‘father’. Sitting beside them on the same couch and bragging it’s brought by us wouldn’t make the moment, rather sitting by their side, listening to their stories makes the difference.

Never grow up so much that the little finger of dad can’t be held,

And never fall so much that people in need can never hold your hand!

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