A little longer….

You remember our first trip?
How we went crazy Watching the Eiffel Tower:
On the monitor screen, with popcorn in hand!
Dressed up as the best tourists;
A little frock of mine, your’s a skirt: little longer!

The scolding of my dad for me being late, 
Always get flattened with tenderness;
Making him believe your cooked up stories:
Of projects that never existed! 
My mom is your favourite, 
Ofcourse why shouldn’t it be! 
My bestie is her own, 
And am proved adopted! 

The tears that I had, 
Racing my bike,  peeling my knee! 
The blood shed, you watched! 
Laughed your stomach out, before giving it a first aid patch! 

The drive was short, 
With the green lushes around, 
Snow filled mountains on the top, 
Never knew it was your last stop!!! 

Oh my friend, how you left me abondoned? 
The stories left uncovered, 
Pages left unfilled! 
We still had to break the floor in each other’s weddings, 
Spamming our insta feed with stories!

I still have your shoulder, 
To burst my pain, 
Cloud my anger, 
Share my laughter, 
Cherishing all the memories we made together! 
Counting my unfilled wish for lifetime:

‘ I wish she stayed a little longer’

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