If the thought to quit arrives:
Lift your hand,
Get a slap for yourself:
And smile at the cheeks, that you just turned red!
I say slap,
And then clap!
For you had been great and mesmerising:
Through all the thunders and lightening!
I tell you:
Life is a wind, whose direction can’t be defined!
The science of temperature and humidity kept apart;
Predicting its devastation is still an incomplete part!
You think to quit,
The marathon you wished to win?
Sleepless nights and exhausted days,
Unattended parties and missed weddings!
You held your breath away from the fun,
The dish never had its life in your taste buds:
As the nerves that connected,
Were busy planning your victory!
You think to quit,
I ask why?
A failure is that bent tree,
Which shows the presence of wind,
Yet keeping its roots tucked in!
Standing straight and soaking the sunshine:
Once the wind completes to sing!
Now when you think to quit,
Shut the door,
Dance! but not breaking the floor!
Because it’s just a bend and not the end!