Smiles, Tears and A Bye!

My wings never closed,
My heights always raised!
My nest got farther everyday, 
Unrealised if anyone waited for my stay! 

You cut my wings, 
Closed my doors, 
Introduced me to the wonderful souls,
Inside a place, which they called a Home! 

Education brings awareness I considered, 
Education and sensibility are unrelated: you twittered! 
The flights brought the storm;
But the bare feet dealt with all the harm! 

They walked, walked and walked with you, 
To the doors of almighty;
Where I wish they never meet this inequality:
Of burying the needy and feeding the bulky! 

The night lights were natural:
As the burning forest keep occurring eternal! 
The shaking earth, rising floods and scary storms:
Yes, we learnt, we are still under the shadow of mother Earth! 

We egoed about our smart innovations siting the far reaching stars, 
You giggled! Check the biological storm! 
It shut our minds, packed our innovation:
Made us munch at the jokes it cracked on the mankind! 

We missed our dear ones, 
The hugs, the fights, the laughter and the party!
We felt our pets:
We admired our abondoned nests!

You were harsh, 
You were tough! 
Tomorrow is unseen, 
Today is the actual living! 

Smiles, Tears and A Good Bye
To the year which the mankind has never seen!

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  1. Your just amazing ❤️
    so Gracefully u HV expressed your emotions!!
    Will be waiting for your next writings…
    Thank you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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