The farther side of the door was clear and bright, 
The fruits, the fragrant flowers:
Everything seemed right!

Wings widely open,
The birds flew higher in the sky;
It seemed as if they were just meant to fly!

My hand pulled itself up, 
Pointing towards the open sky!
Hushhh! My mind stopped!

‘I am born as a blessing, 
Girls are meant for multi tasking!
It’ s fine if my pain killed me every month,
Sacrifice is the mantra of my birth!’ – said the mind!

Space, defence, science, bureaucracy:
Were all the career options! 
Being an homemaker, choosing the time for family;
Was the easiest solution! 

You ask me why? 
Uttering my answer I would shy, 
Family is the priority, 
Time divided for my career abondons my sincerity! 

The form to contest as a singer, 
Was left unfilled! 
I am a girl, a blessing:
Adjustments adds to my life’s meaning! 

My husband filled my form, 
To cut down the unwritten norm! 
He wished me to stay strong, 
Trying to convince : Sacrifice is not for what I was born! 

The door is unlocked, 
The birds flying high:
Broke the norm, opened their arms without any shy! 
Husssh! Stopped the brain! 
No! This time I moved ahead breaking all the tie!! 

Hi everyone, this poem is for all the women there. It is not the society that binds us, majorly it is us who are doing it at first hand! Why do we think for a career option where we can easily settle down? Why do we give up on sports once we grow up? Why do we feel it is just our responsibility to cook? Why do we feel that prioritising career is backstabbing family or giving less importance to family? Why not being able to cook after marriage makes us feel guilty even after being Gold medalist in graduation? Every why has only one answer : US! We need to learn to divide our responsibility, take help from others and thank others for being supportive.

Think over it, let me know your views.