You will find a story carved in every corner,
Every life existing here is filled with pride and honour!

Knock! Knock! Told the stone filled with snow :
While the waters hug me and run through their way,
I find giving them lives to millions in the bay!

Knock! Knock! Told the other,
Sterness in the voice:
Mentioned the blood shed on its rocks,
Are the pride that it holds of the brave patriotic souls!

Knock! Knock! The stone filled with grains told:
I see that hunger breaks and nutrition hails,
My score is still low;
But I would never bow!

Knock! Knock! Coughed the old rock:
Mesmerising the land of tribals and culture untouched!
Amidst the nature at its best!

Knock! Knock! The stone was found thirsty,
Yet contained the lavishing palaces in its story!

Knock! Knock! Having the chants of almighty:
The reign of creators of the universe was at its diety!
The stone with pride mentioned the tales,
Good deeds are the ones that prevails!

Knock! Knock! A humming stone hushed,
The folk songs being the tangible treasuries,
Dance forms making every feet hit a beat!

Knock! Knock! The stone finely carved,
Inscripted with wisdom of victory;
Every ruler who ruled this soil created a history!

The minute carvings on the places of worship,
Depicting the beauty of nature and everything around:
Without any form of editing!
Oh! I forgot to knock! Said the stone:
Relishing the architecture which it is beholding!

Knock! Knock! The stone mentioned holding its phone :
We jumped to Mars in our maiden attempt,
The art of medicine, astronomy, fitness:
Was all known and spread by us,
When the world was still heading with its baby steps!

Knock! Knock! The stone holding the tricolour uttered:
The journey of our Independence ;
Is a lesson of peace which every book in the world mentions!

Knock! Knock!
YES, you are welcome!
Our heart is wide and guests are our God!