‘One by two’ ordered a little boy,
Seemed the shopkeeper was a person known:
‘Speacial tea with ginger’;
Placing on the table he gave a high five!

‘So what’s the count today?’
Asked the boy smirking with naughty smile!

Being hidden by a wooden block,
I was curious to see the person on the other side!

Getting back to the conversation where they stopped,
It was two people exchanging their flips and flops!

‘ Mine was great, sold flowers at the best rates!’
His voice was high, as if he was about to fly!

‘You seem joyful today? Is it the matter of love?’
He pulled the person’s leg!

Shivering hands pulled his ears back,
It was an old lady hugging the bundle of naughtiness!

‘Collector sir promised to pass my pension amount today!’
Her trembling voice uttered!

Taking her hand woven bags,
From which she earned her butter and bread;
The boy jumped,
As if his happiness reached the zenith!

‘Who are they?’
Asked to the shopkeeper :the curious Me!

‘Two people, one of 85 and other of 10+5,
A conversation that goes daily over this tea point’!

Abondoned by parents was the bud,
The old soul, lost the kids when was in need!
Yet enjoy the thirty minutes in the evening,
Two unknown people, sharing of what happened in their day!

That’s how I learnt :

Little smiles are the real pearls,
Our vision shall make them bright