Unique prefices before their names,
List of achievements attached to their fame!
Some get medal to the nation,
Some create wonders with their action!
Few have history books with their names mentioned!

They are our stars,
They are our inspiration!

Having a zillions of pain in heart,
Yet he serves the poor with smile!
Why isn’t he an inspiration?

She is ten years old,
And plants a tree every birthday on the side of road!
Why isn’t she an inspiration?

An elephant had its mouth flowing with blood,
Yet she didn’t harm anyone for being bursted!
Why isn’t the animal ever an inspiration?

She who has a pension of Five Hundred,
Donates an amount of Four hundred!
Is she ever an inspiration?

The flower blooms daily,
With no expectation of being stabbed : or being worshipped!
Has it’s selflessness ever been our inspiration?

Every younger version of ours,
Have a proud memory from our journey,
Where we fell just to stand  back by our own!
Why isn’t our yesterday an inspiration for our today?

Inspiration is a feeling of stability,
For us to act emotionally, or may be mentally,
Or may be physically!
So Why isn’t our yesterday an inspiration for our today?