We see them stand still :
Protecting us from the frightening storm as a huge hill!
The thought of them:
Brings belief of strength, powerful and braveness in them!
A picture portraying:
Of them never breaking!

Two hands,
The same two legs,
Blood colour being red!
Heart being that of one’s fist;
Aren’t everything same in the list?

Its his duty to earn,
Its his responsibility to take care of everyone,
Its shameful if he is broken,
Its a crime if he shatters in tears!!

Its a sacrifice if she quits her job;
He is useless if he does the same!
She sits home with no work?
Well that’s fine, she is showered with destiny!
He dreams for a year long break!
Dude! You are a men, you can’t stay home?

She has her biological issues,
Well did he pray for that to happen?

Actions decided crime once;
Now why is it on gender?
A rotten apple in a barren land,
Doesn’t prove the fruit inedible all around!

Struggle has the same meaning,
The garnishing comes in a different way!
I didnt realise if it’s a prose or a poetry,
But want to end it by a question,
Do we still stand by the actual meaning of equality??