You always told me:
Good deeds end up giving fruitful results!
You taught me:
Help the needy!
You showed me :
How peaceful it is to be truthful!

Then why Maa?
I find the buses burnt,
Borders being shredded with blood!
Fruits poisoned to death;
Truth buried under an ancient nest!

Why Maa?
You bear all the pain?
The air you gave, we returned it with pollution!
The soil you gave, we cut them into continents!
The rivers, the mountains and all the gifts you showered:
We are fighting, we are fighting for them Maa!

Aren’t you tired?
Purifying the air for us,
Showering the rain for us!
Convincing your other kids to adjust for us!
And yet in the hope of changing us:)

I hope we change Maa….