My dark circles never fade,
Nor have I ever tried to cover them with any shade!
I listen to the heartbeats that turn into a life,
I also listen to heartbeats that end their life!

I starve all the day:
Bringing your temperature down,
Fixing your broken knee,
Getting all your damaged things right;

Yes, it’s my chosen profession,
But earning bucks is not the only opinion!
My stethoscope knows no day and night,
My wisdom of service knows no pain and gain!

While the world rests,
I visit the dirtiest places to test,
I might have learnt to cure diseases,
But, not immuned for life, with no diseases!

I am worth it,
For being taken for granted!
I am worth it,
For every other duty being time bound:
While mine being true to your sound!
I am worth it,
For any time you ring my bell,
You never returned untreated!
Yes, I am worth it,
For the pelting stones,
For all the rutless attacks;
And the abusive, unthankfull words,
Merely, because I took the pledge to ‘save your lives’!

Yes, I am worth it!