I grew up dreaming my dream;
Dream to get rich and roam the world!
I felt it would cherish my soul,
And this is what’s gonna be my ultimate goal!

My job enjoyed my company,
And my bank account, the incoming money!
The shades of rainbow for me:
Were perseverance, determination and The Dream!

I saved, I worked, I saved, I worked…

My laptop always was an uninvited guest,
In the family gatherings:
Where I was different from the rest!

The gossips and the fun playing ludo,
Converting the hall to dj floor,
Sipping every bit of the dish, forgetting the diet;
Never realised when I missed these from my eyesight!

The bucket  list was ready to be ticked,
The tickets got booked!
The bag was florescently packed!
And my stomach growling with butterflies!

I opened my eyes waiting for the sun to rise,
I found my family and friends at grief!
A lamp lit infront my portrait clicked with my laptop:
One that was supposed to be my favourite!

My scream almost pulled my tongue out,
But my voice went unheard!
Whilst I realized what I lost ;
All that was left behind was charged laptop and unbalanced account!

We have a lot of hustle going around due to the pandemic.. Never knew the world to be locked to such an extent. We never know what is in our bucket tomorrow! All we have is this moment. Its good to set targets, but in the race let’s not miss out the moments that’s already in our arms. Stay safe. Stay blessed ๐Ÿ™‚