One huge disguise about urbanisation, which I am sure you all would relate to is “traffic”. Living in a metro city I am no different to this thought! But sometimes we do get blessings in disguise and for someone who finds content, finding a content is a great blessing!

Oh! Ya… Where were we?
Traffic right?
Yes, while I was stuck in traffic I found one young pretty lady asking her friend :” What is new about this NEW YEAR? It’s just a change of date and that’s it! Nobody is going to gift me bag full of diamonds”

Well, if diamonds would be gifted every new year, then I wish we had new year every hour!:)
Let’s get back to the question, what’s new?
Playing with the same puzzle or 1-31, the dates still seem new!
Having the same festivals celebrated with new friends is an added joy!
Going a step higher in career or course is a victory!
The failures that hurt zoomed up your wisdom for the next days coming!
A heartbeat echoing “let’s propose her this year!”
Butterflies in the stomach for falling into the marriage Rollercoaster upcoming year!
How to forget? New clothes, New shopping for the New adventures!
Above all, it’s a new wish to have the best of the days to come, leaving behind the grudges and all the hurt the last 365 days took us to!
So the hopping and popping months with the zig zag days have a NEW YOU in them, with opened doors for a New chapter in your awesome journey!
And hey ya! You will have a new round around the sun!

Happy New year to the NEW YOU!