Holding my l’il finger he pulled me along;
Watching the moon he hymned a song!
Babbling in the unheard language;
He is a happiness filled package!

The dark doesn’t seem boring,
Fair doesn’t make him fascinating!
A l’il ball over a pouch of diamonds;
And a huge smile for a l’il chocolate!

Diamonds weren’t picked :
Not because of the price!
Chocolates brought a huge smile:
Not because he felt its a bribe!

Holding my l’il finger he pulled me along;
Dragging me for a new walk:
Which we all left past behind;
Running around for unseen shine☺️

I dint realise he made me write this poem! It’s a short one, but going to preserve it intending to show him, that he taught me this while he was young and to let him know the worth of this teaching! #Cheeku❤️