It’s our second home!
It’s the temple of knowledge!

From broken meaningless words,
To applaud seeking speeches!
From being unknown about human species;
To knowing the value of humanity!

They taught us!
School taught us!
The nation building teachers taught us!

Why forget the teachings of those hands:
Which hit the bell right on time after school hours?
Why forget those faces:
Who wiped our food filled faces at nursery?
Why forget those smiles:
Who made us smile while we cried?
Why forget those teachers,
Who may have not taught us subjects,
But a greater and wider lessons of life?

If he had not been at the gate,
We wouldn’t be secured in our classes!
If she had not given us extra idly in mess,
We wouldn’t have smiled on a bad day!
If the non-teaching staffs wouldn’t be at their work,
The School would never be a complete temple!