Me: Amma(mom), I want to buy new dress!
Her: I will tell pappa to give money, buy good and different varieties of clothes!
Me: Amma I unnoticed milk spilling out while boiling!
Her: That’s ok, mistakes happen by everyone!
Me: I got hurt while riding bike!
Her: You need to be careful while riding bike, where have you got hurt? ( With intense care)

No! She isn’t the Angel who gave me birth,
She isn’t the one who introduced me to this Earth!
She is also not the one who taught me values ;
She ain’t the one who nurtured me like a princess!

She puts me on her laps, patting my back when I fall sick;
She hugs and grins wide when I am back home;
She corrects me when I go wrong!
Yes, she is my another mother: a gift I have after wedding her son!

Examples worldwide scream the lines:
‘Mother in law can never be a mother!’
Look around dear people,
We still have humanity existing in few other!

All my concerns and prayers to the victims:
Having their life at stake,
Jobs left and smiles stolen;
For the in -laws making their days rotten!

Not every river is clean and pure,
Not all the people are emotionally poor!
While we have a furious ocean swallowing people,
We also have the same ocean giving bread and butter to people!

There are screams and shouts for people brutal;
Why not some applauds to those who are fruitful!

These were my lines to thank my mother-in-law…what are yours?