Books neatly arranged on the shelves,
Room lightened with elegant colored bulbs;
The walking sticks quietly stood at place,
Watching the wheelchair waiting for his master to fill the space!

He was an orator, teaching people to Believe!
He was a survivor, teaching people of how to LIVE!

He was an admirer of the beauty around:
Admiring the colors having seen just the dark, with eyes blind!

Braille was a system he chose to write:
To write a story of his own!
Crowning him with International awards,
Did book teach the world to ‘Master everyone’s life on their own!’

The book cover read:

‘Stop before you Help;
Think if they need Help!’

Let the person on wheelchair,
Help himself get to the place he wishes to!

The poor begging for his daily food,
Should learn of how to earn his own!

Blind unable to walk ahead,
Must get his paths marked in mind!

While dwelling in the ocean of mental stress,

You need to know how to keep the game on!

Disability is a state of mind,
Giving sympathy is never a matter of pride!
Being handicapped can never steal your capability,
Having a well set appearance can never increase your proficiency!

Seen a man fall?
Teach him how to get up!
Whilst you remain just for the moment,
Your teachings shall remain eternal!

The wheelchair waiting for his master;
Knows that he is gone!
He is gone with a smile of Pride,
A true Pride to ‘Master his Life on his OWN!’