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Tales from the other land

IF (Volume 1)


If Roses were black, which lover would fancy it?

If humans were immortal, how will Adam look?

If love wasn’t blind would Beauty have married the Beast?

If Jack-O’-Lanterns sang lullabies to babies while feeding mothers’ pumpkin pies & ghost were the fathers to children…

If life was a man, will he be black or white?

If all planets were connected with bridges, which would you cross to?

If we were all blind will envy cease?

If touts were sane, will sane be touts?

If kids knew how hard it is to stay grown-up, would they wish to remain young forever?

What if women were men and men were women would there be heartbreaks?

If the love of money roots evil, why are men planting it’s trees?

What if the ocean and seas are tears of a Being we can’t see?

What if the air was for…

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