SHE was abandoned soon after her breath met air around,
SHE was forced to leave school,
SHE had to drain her dream of marrying her loved one,
SHE was insensitively harassed by her husband,
SHE found no peace with her in-laws,
Poor SHE, because she was born a girl!

The limelight!
The Sympathy!
The attention!
I respect it being a girl 🙂

Why is it not the same for him?

HE who is also an orphan as her!
HE who left school to carry the responsibility on his little shoulders,
HE who goes through physical and mental harassment daily!
HE whose dreams blew away for the family!
HE who is a single parent; struggling yet smiling!
HE who has a partner snatching his peace of mind!
HE who gets to pay the bill even if his pocket is empty!
HE who still stands by HER after all this!

Dreams, problems and sacrifices knows no discrimination,
While a mother raised her kid with all the love,
The dad was waving from far, building his kid’s future!
We have candles raised for girl being raped,
Is it not pathetic to show no concern when a guy is found in trouble?

While we tend to hoist the flag of equality,
Why are not men carried forward along with women?
While emotions bury an individual with same pain,
Lets raise our voice for everyone who needs the umbrella in floods of rain!