On a weekend, while my eyes repelled to unfold;
My phone kept ringing making my nerves vibrate!
Lidded eyelids brushed my eyebal,
When my lazy fingers tapped the screen to receive the call!

A heavy voice sung a wish : Happy Vijayadashami’:)
That was my aunt wishing me for the regional festival!
My aunt whom i met a year ago-
Who had come to my home to give regards for the same festival!

Unlocking my handset, the notifications popped in;
Wishes with blessings to taste the colors of victory and success!
The festival coined with same story-
Of truth gaining victory over evil!

Mom’s magical dishes echoed on my taste buds,
The walls hymned the music we played!
Far cousin of mine staying across Ocean,
Arrived with handful of gifts and contagious laughter.

A day later, all the chaos disappeared.
The laughter set off rising slence back again!
Turning the pages of my novel; a noise hit my ear,
Making my eyes roll towards the ray piercing from window!

Kids on street with torn clothes and muddy hands,
Had their face strived of hunger;
A piece of half spoiled bread in hand,
They spread joy playing together!

Every festival celebrates a story of its own!
We acquaint to rejoice it!
Roll around, you shall find many with festive stories unknown;
Finding a meal in a day makes story of their own!

I now get back to work,
With one of my question left behind:
When every moment can form a story,
Why do we have to rejoice only the novel of history?