When I think of Sunrise: My phone’s wallpaper pops up;
While I ought to play games: Play store rings the bell!
Every Mom has lost their job of being morning alarm,
And being in touch with friends is just a tap typing ‘HI’

It’s a huge world that we live in:
Having 7 continents,
Sketching borders for 195 countries,
Diverse cultures and languages;
Yet connected with Technology!

The horrifying tides gulping one corner of the world,
Made several eyes weep across the globe!
When mother earth grudged against our immaturity,
Few hands holding different flags raised up for her justice!

We had all this known,
Far from the place where misfortune conquered some folks,
Needful help reached its destination,
Adjoined with blessings from every corner!

Heartfelt gratitude to the term NEWS!


Oh Wait!

The coin has now flipped,
Turning the blessing to curse!
The media which once spread the lines of awareness,
Now has the knitted letters of greediness and assumptions!

The mistrust created against political parties,
The unethical treat towards the celebrities,
The forgotten pride for the Heroes at the borders,
Or the immaturity of highlighting insensible issue!

The disruption has just started,
The war that once ended with surrender of Axis powers,
Will now rise up with new sequence,
Where the weapons shall not only shed blood, also humanity!

news 5