Night turned into day,
My sleepy soul got up for another weekday!
Drowsy face and dizzy brain;
Walking through my techpark lane!

On my way a Cat did cross my way,
Left to right or may be other way!
Wait! How does it matter?
It was just on its way.

Seconds later did i recall,
The heard somewhere unread dots;
Step aback when Cat crosses your way,
Because it may cut your glory all the day!

What if the Cat community thought the same way?
What if in their communal meetings declare-
Humans crossing their way,
Shall ruin all their day!

What if the snakes think-
We have poison in body and humans in soul!
What if the tiger roars-
I kill others for tummy;but you for money!

In all these if conditions,
What if there is another loop-
Where, if the animals also could speak,
Then there shall be no else for our insane imaginations and declarations.


But ya!
Cat had a good day,
And so did I!
Now its time for u to think, so i will bid Bye!