It was a winter evening,
Home decorated with tiny bulbs,
Balloons of blue and white all over the place,
Waiters serving the drinks refreshing every tongue;
Songs played in series rejoicing the voices of old nineties!

Young kids hopped on the music,
Old bones made slight moves with every lyric!
Cake decorated with berries and fruits appeared,
With chocolaty words on it telling: Happy anniversary grandpa and grandma!

While every eye awaited the cute couple to arrive,
A video taking the family to nostalgia was played!

The black and white pictures had colourful stories to tell:
Story of tiny tot saved from her mom’s anger,
Story when toffees came out as magic from grandpa’s pocket,
Tales of angels narrated under the stars,
And lots of sweet dishes made just for those little kids!

The hall had eyes moist,
Tears awaited to fall down carrying happiness and memories!

The kids who then loved toffees are now grown up,
Crowned with lots of success and rejoice they are still left incomplete!
For their glory was left unseen:
By those old roots who left them to join the stars!


The cake was sliced by every hand present that day,
For they all grew up holding those old fingers,
The tree is now grown up giving new branches,
May be among the stars, the roots are still strong to hold them up!