Extricating the barriers through tiny hole,
The bright rays of sun scattered across the room;
Illuminating with brightness on one side,
While dispersing the shadow of few objects on the other side!

The bright shades decorated above the light colored walls,
The wall clock hung ticked every minute announcing the silence!
Every corner holding a pride of honor,
Be it a certificate or a medal: Telling stories of its hour!

One such edge not only projected the medal of honor,
It also pierced the fragrance of pain and victory!

Victory: The fame you earn while millions scream your name?
Victory: The dream you fought to conquer?
Victory: The mesmerizing moment making your parents proud of you?
Victory: The day your soul applauds for you telling- ‘ You Did It!’ ?

While she found every walk left two footprints,

She always watched herself leaving just one!
When asked: was it not difficult to skip the rope through one leg?
She answered: ‘ I never knew people had two legs!’


She won many applauds and praises,
She took over hearts of millions by inspiring trillions,
She made her parents experience the ninth cloud and seventh heaven,
She did it without any comparison!

While you compare yourself with person cracking interview with luck,
Pause! Why not compare with someone who failed thousand times before?
While you compare yourself with son of millionaire,
Pause! Why not compare with brilliant son of a beggar?

While you compare yourself wishing to be at someone else’s place,
My friend, Pause! Why not compare with someone who wish to be in your place?

Its your Life!
Its your Journey!
Don’t make it fall under the force of gravity,
Where the attracting force shall not be Determination rather Comparison!:)