When our mind rewinds of the best day of life;
The movie having it shot and saved is what it feels like!

Sipping a cup of coffee while I bid Sun for the day,
My eyes rolled at a picture making my lips form a smile:)
Picture was just one if I count,
But the exponents of memories to it were multiple!

Its one stone that rises multiple ripples,
Its just one moment that floods us with memories!
Memories that we would cherish,
Memories from which we have learnt!
Memories of getting bullied!
Memories of having lost a friend!

Turning around the old album,
Now when i see the snap of my dad teaching me cycling,
The black and white click takes me back to colorful past;
A past that travels in front of me as present for a  while!

Pictures were never an object portraying beauty,
Every click was shot as a memory!
One shutter sound had thousands  of stories captured;
While some enjoyed the crown of likes and comments,
Few others silently settled back to form ocean of flashbacks!

The clutter sound of an old Camera,
Silently echoed along with the gentle breeze –
Life always has snaps clicked: Candid or posed,
The best shot comes out only when you own a smile in it:)