It was a blissful noon with erratic friends,
Meals with cheese and butter-
That not only melted flavouring our tongues,
But also the aroma of dishes crossed our souls!

When the tummy gets satisfied;
Sleep knocks the door!
While my drowsy eyes searched for cab home,
A stall with the knowledge of universe held by books squinted my eye balls!

Hopping onto the stall latching sleep in the nerves of my brain,
My fingers hauled over to find a new pick for my bookshelf!
This routine of mine wouldn’t push me to reflect these words,
Unless I found a young guy selling those bundles of knowledge at the store!

Too young he was to do a job,
Finely matured he was to face the world!
A smile is complimentary that he affords to give,
Unknown: that the smile he spreads is unreachably expensive!

Talking to him while trying to know him,
His eyes twinkled with Quest to Study,
While his brain stopped!!
Stopped him reminding of pain his shoulders have!

His tiny brain with plump tummy,
Selling the books with description as if he it’s his own!
When offered a hand for help,
He showed his hands that worked day and night!

All I learnt about constitution went for a toss!
All I learnt about equality got buried underneath forever!
Working and dealing with new people every sunrise,
I see the wind of complaints and excuses all across!

Being poor was not his choice!
Killing his soul to support his family was not his wish!
Writing these thoughts of mine wouldn’t make his life anything different,
Nor the weep we all find for hundred other boys like him make any change!

Stop! Learn! Learn of how it’s not easy for all!
Learn how life cracks a joke and laughs at it!
Learn how having no penny cannot grab your smile!
Learn how to LIVE, LIVE without complaints 🙂

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