Every Sunrise has a disclaimer tagged-
“Its gonna be a big day, not so easy”
The Sun while bidding bye spreading colors of red on blue,
Smiles back and justifies the Sunrise:)

The tiring day shades away with multiple tasks,
Selling your goods or selling yourself as a commodity!
Walking up and down, zipping all the strength up!
For making your dreams live of just for one to LIVE!

Bundled up with same gigs and gags of life,
Found this exhausted soul:
Knitting the string of thoughts hopping his mind,
A glowsy face yet priceless smile!

That special curve on his wrinkled face:
Is for the special person whom he tied a knot;
The person whose giggling and laughter echos his mind,
The one who tickle him when he has nerves over his mind!

The twinkling stars that she hanged all over,
The tiny plants she nurtured as kids,
The little jokes she cracked of how pappu tries to rule as PM,
And enormous smiles she spread over!

All were traversing around him through every ray,
But she was gone- between the real stars,
Teaching him a life long lesson:
Life ofcourse comes with Disclaimer but thats not the ultimate enclosure!