Sipping my cup of morning Chai(Tea),
Glancing across the tales narrated in the newspaper,
My eyes got caged in the achievement of young girl-
Who broke the glass, becoming a great model.

This was knitted with another tale:
Of an aged person flying start his own dance academy.
All the stories joined up formed an artistic frame,
Describing of how a person fights when their dreams are caged!

Elicit the day when your blood burnt,
Your tears roared,
And you felt the sky dived down to bury inside Earth:
When one of your dreams were crushed, where you wanted them to fly!

If it wasn’t easy for us,
If it was not meant for us,
If we thought this was not that we deserved,
Then why is it for our fellow mates who share the same atmosphere on earth?

We wouldn’t even smell happiness,
When our legs are cut with food served in golden plate!
Then how we ought to misinterpret that,
A bird with wings cut, caged in rich home would feel safe?

Dream is not a crown honoured only to human mates,
Rather it’s wish indulged in every creature which breathes.
We are gifted with words to express,
Not to snatch others expressions, rather to portray the ones who cant!