Sunday morning!
Delightful weather;
Blissful drizzles meeting the filthy streets-
Portraying as if every drop was waiting just for this moment!

Gone astray with that wonderful ongoing,
I recalled my friend capturing the beauty of clouds –
Spread across the artistic sky,
Dancing with colours of red, blue and off-white!

For the rain to dwindle down,
The clouds have to shed away: shed away with nothing but smile!
But flowing with beauty of mist,
We often forget who sacrificed to beautify this bliss.

The crowd applauded a single mom:
For she had definitely triumphed the battles against cruel society!
But the single father was left behind:
With just a pat on back and smile on his face!

My friend earning heavy bread and golden butter,
Sympathised herself, sensing life of self employed is far better.
You define it easier:
For a self employed Auto Driver, battling on the flooded roads,
Across the jacked streets, while we just sit inside covering ourselves?

While the massive-far stretched tree falls hitting the ground,
Its not only the tissues of tree that are hurt,
But the pinch and punch is also to the ground-
That silently was laid down holding the deep roots!

The coin that was tossed flew high in the air,
Rolling head and tail: A wish waiting for just one face!
We always find our struggles the most difficult,
Dear friend, there is always an unseen face hidden behind everytale!


The credit for this poem goes to my IDIOT Friend who gave me the right thought to write this. Thank you nahi bolungi