The pellet that stood still,
Gulping the weary drops of rain,
Unshattered with the stormy wind!
Had none to look at- except calling it a normal stone!

The clock ticked,
And the same rock had a story to tell,
With every visitor admiring it,
It narrated the travail it’s sculptor took!

The eye gazing beauty it held,
With the minute curvatures describing a battle!
Unspoken expressions spreading the connectivity,
With every individual mesmerizing the creativity!

The wide spread sculpture said it all,
The journey from the sky open-sun heated stone:
To the beauty of every mouth: THE ARTIST’S LOVE!

It took a lot for it to pose there,
Artist hitting every corner-day and night!
Not only did the last shot mattered :
But for the last shot to win, every stroke had to glitter:)